Courses Offered

The Institute offers four diploma and two certificate courses (under TVET). There is also a proposal to introduce more courses, which are Interior Decoration and Hotel Management during the 9th Five Year Plan.

  1. Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  2. Diploma in Modern Office Practice
  3. Diploma in Garment Technology
  4. Diploma in Beauty Culture and cosmetology


Course Structure

    THe courses (i.e. subjects under conventional system) of study under the diploma program includes theory, practical, tutorial, project work, etc. These courses are categorized in six groups as indicated below:

a)        FOUNDATION COURSES: These are the courses essential for further study of technology related courses.

b)        HARD CORE COURSES: These constitute the core of technical courses belonging to all disciplines including courses like Introduction to Information Technology.

c)    SOFT CORE COURSES: These are courses providing basic concepts of supervision / management / environment courses related to allied disciplines. A student has the option of taking only TWO (2) courses from the list according to his need and interest.

d)        BASIC TECHNOLOGY COURSES: These are basic courses required for its Diploma program.

e)        APPLIED TECHNOLOGY COURSES: These are professional courses through which the desired knowledge and skills are developed among the students to perform their job functions. These courses provided an intensive hands-on practice to the students through laboratory and project work.

f)     ELECTIVE COURSES: The training through previous courses listed in (a) to (e) would provide a broad base to the students for performing their job functions in the field of work. The elective courses provide an opportunity to the students to acquire specialised knowledge in their areas of interest.